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Sozo Technologies is a leading provider of internet and cloud services, consisting of multiple premier brands. Our mission is to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals with cutting-edge technology solutions that drive success.

We are committed to delivering best-in-class services that enable our clients to achieve their goals, no matter their industry or size. With Sozo Technologies, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible technology services to help you thrive.

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About Us

Established in 2012, Sozo Technologies was founded by a group of seasoned internet service providers who have been at the forefront of the internet revolution since its inception.

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Back in 1996, when the internet was still in its infancy and dial-up was the standard mode of connection, our company played a crucial role in connecting people to the digital world. We offered a range of vital services, including dial-up, high-speed wireless, DSL, fiber, voice over IP, and web hosting to both residential and business customers alike.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to our mission, we have expanded our capabilities through strategic acquisitions of like-minded companies. This has allowed us to provide our customers with even faster, more advanced offerings while maintaining our unwavering focus on their satisfaction. By joining forces with companies that share our values and dedication to excellence, we are better equipped than ever to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

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Recognizing the challenges faced by small businesses and organizations, Sozo was established with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions for their technological needs. Our range of services encompasses web hosting, cloud storage, email management, and web design, all tailored to alleviate common headaches faced by businesses and organizations. By offering these essential services under one roof, we make it easier for our clients to focus on their core activities, while we take care of their technological requirements. 


Our Services

At Sozo Technologies LLC, we believe that exceptional customer service is just as important as our cutting-edge internet and cloud services. We understand that technology can be complex, which is why our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with personalized and timely support. Unlike large tech corporations, we prioritize your needs and ensure that you get the assistance you need without any unnecessary runaround. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service means that you can focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest.

Web Design

Through our web design brand, WebsitePros.io, we offer what you want – service. We design professional looking websites at great prices and you won’t find better service and support, anywhere, at any price.

Our after service and support programs are perfect for any small business. Other designers “charge and dodge” once your website is published. We stick around to make sure you’re happy and to keep your website growing. You have enough to deal with; let us worry about your website. Changes to your website will be made quickly, and questions will be answered professionally by real web designers.

Web Hosting

When you are looking for a web host, your options are staggering so making the right choice can be difficult. Dealing with large web hosts can be cumbersome especially when having to work with overseas support. Hosting with a small web host that could be here today and gone tomorrow can be risky. That’s why you should deal with some one you know provides superior service and locally backed support.

Sozo Technologies realizes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to web hosting. We can provide a solution through HostGo for everything from a small site hosted on a shared server to a large site hosted in the cloud that can scale to the largest of traffic loads.

Email Hosting

Sozo is proud to offer business class Email in the Cloud. Through HostGo, you can expect to receive reliable and secure Email hosting with live, expert help whenever you may need it. Access Email and all your business applications anywhere from any device with industry-leading antivirus and antispam protection, along with our service partners like Microsoft, Google, SmarterMail and more. We customize Email solutions to fit your business’ needs at any size for any budget.

Search Engine Optimization

With a comprehensive understanding of what matters most in today’s marketing world, we’ve helped countless businesses increase exposure and grow their customer base online, particularly through search engine optimization. With HostGo, reach valuable clients in an easier way while focusing on important tasks required to run your company on a daily basis by making certain that your website is searchable and focused on your key audience.

Mergers & Acquisitions

SellYourWebHost.com, a Sozo brand, is committed to helping web hosting company owners move out of the industry by providing a personalized and fair process to take on those business’ clients and continue to provide best-in-class web hosting services.

From the very beginning as web hosts, we began acquiring other companies – so we are no strangers to the process and really understand what it means to acquire another company and work to make it flourish and blend with both company’s workflows and business values. We approach the acquisition process with down-to-earth open communication where you can rely on us to be your trusted partners as opposed to portfolio-focused larger acquisition companies.

WordPress Management

If you need help maintaining and updating your WordPress website, WebsitePros.io offers a comprehensive management service that takes the headache out of keeping your content management system up and running at its best. Whether it’s installing updates and security patches, optimizing the website’s performance, creating and updating content, managing user accounts, and configuring and customizing the website’s appearance and functionality, WebsitePros.io can service your WordPress site at an affordable price.

Cloud Infrastructure Hosting

Cloud infrastructure hosting may seem like a service beholdened to big companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, but that is not the case. In fact, with Sozo, you receive all the quality of hosting on remote servers but with more accessible customer service that the larger providers just can’t deliver. Cloud hosting has a number of benefits compared to traditional hosting, like the ease of scalability for your business’ needs, cost-effectiveness, location independence and high availability.

Server Management

Sozo’s team lives and breathes server managment, as this has been the backbone of most of their experience dating back to the 90’s. Our offerings in server management are almost unlimited; whether you need help with installing, configuring, or monitoring servers, or adding security, performance optimization, updates, Sozo prides itself on the high level of expertise and professionalism when it comes to server management.


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Web Security & Solutions

Web Security & Solutions

Web hosting providers play a critical role, if not the key role, in your website’s security. It may be hard to imagine that your website belonging to you, your organization or business would be the target of threats, however the data shows that a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds and so it is worth taking steps to protect your site.

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